Professor Waszczak has been an outstanding member and Professor of the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) and Defense Acquisition University (DAU) faculty since 1993, retired from DAU In 2017 and has joined the ranks of GP Consultants LLC!

Professor Waszczak.  He is Acquisition Corps Level 3 certified in:

  • Industrial/Contract/Government Property Management,
  • Contracting, and
  • Production/Quality Manufacturing

Professor Waszczak has been an instructor in all of the Contract/Government Property courses while at AFIT and DAU.  These courses included:

  • IND 100 – Contract Property Management And Disposition Fundamentals
  • IND 103 – Contract Property Management System Analysis
  • IND 201 – Intermediate Contract Property Management
  • IND 202 – Executive Contract Property Management Seminar

Professor Waszczak was involved with Total Redesign of the IND (Government Property) Course Curriculum working with the DoD Customers to present outstanding educational opportunities for the career field working with Contract/Government property.  His efforts contributed to the successful launch of the two new Contract/Government property courses:

  • IND 105 — Contract Property Fundamentals
  • IND 205 — Contract Government Property Management Systems and Auditing

On an annual basis these courses serve hundreds of DoD, other Federal agency and contractor employees attending these courses at DAU.

Professor Waszczak is a frequent presenter at NPMA events – his most recent efforts were at the 2017 NPMA NES held in Phoenix, AZ, where he presented in multiple workshops benefitting the NES participants and demonstrating his support to NPMA and the highest individual professional standards.

Developed and presented Government contract property related curricula to attendees at the 53rd and 56th  Annual National Seminar on Government Contracts sponsored by the College of Continuing Education, University of Minnesota in cooperation with the Twin Cities Chapter, National Contact Management Association (NCMA) and the North Star Chapter, National Property Management Association (NPMA).

Professor Waszczak is an authoritative and sought after researcher and answer provider under the DAU Ask-A-Professor (AAP) program, providing dozens of official AAP responses and numerous off-system e-mail responses to Government property and acquisition professionals on Government property related themes demonstrating his and DAU’s dedication to customer support and ability to provide quality products and services with precision, speed and agility and our ability to utilize strategic partnerships as a REAL “force multiplier.” He has been repetitively praised by Government property professionals and AAP submitters for his thorough research and clear, focused answers.

His service is not limited to the National Level but he also serves NPMA at the local chapter level serving multiple terms as Ohio Valley NPMA Chapter VP and National delegate attesting to demonstrated professional stature.

We are proud to welcome him to the ranks of the faculty at GP Consultants!