Ms Grace Oletski

Ms. Grace Oletski has over 35 years of educational, contract property and contracting experience.

Ms. Oletski has a Bachelor of Science degree from Metropolitan State College, Denver, CO. She is a member of Defense Acquisition Corps; Level III Certified in Contract Property Management. As a member of the National Property Management Association (NPMA), Ms. Oletski has also been a frequent presenter at Regional and local NPMA meetings and workshops.

Prior to entering Government service, Ms. Oletski was both a teacher and administrator at the first Archdiocese of Denver Alternative high school.

Ms. Oletski began her career in the Government in 1979 as Chief of Command Support, of the Defense Contract Administrative Services Area (DCASMA) under the Defense Logistics Agency before transferring into Government Property in 1984.

Over the next 26 years Ms. Oletski moved up through the ranks of Government Contract Property to increasingly more complex and demanding positions — from Property Specialist to Property Administrator, to Lead Property Administrator, then to Property Team Leader in the Denver, Colorado office covering a large geographic area in the Southwest United States, including Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah. As Property Team Lead and manager in the Denver Office of the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) she was managerially responsible for both trainees as well as some of the most seasoned property professionals within DCMA.

Ms. Oletski has the technical competence in Government Contract Property Management to work with the smallest entities through the largest Defense contractors in the country – having proven herself numerous times in the performance of Property Management System Analyses – managing hundreds of contracts for property administration.

Ms. Oletski retired from Government service in July 2010 and joined the faculty of GP Consultants in July of 2011.