Contract Property Fundamentals – The New 2007/2010 FAR Requirements

This course is specifically designed to meet the needs of Contractor’s Government Property managers and technicians and administrators who have responsibility and liability for maintaining control over Government Property in their possession. This course and instructor will provide a detailed overview of the critical fundamental changes that have occurred through the publication of the NEW FAR PART 45 and the GOVERNMENT PROPERTY CLAUSES.


This course has been organized in a clear, concise manner to present the requirements established by the Government for control of Government Property in the possession of the contractor.


Specific topics concerning Government Property include:

  • Policy on Providing Government Property
  • Classifications of Government Property
  • The NEW Government Property Clauses FAR 52.245-1 Used with:
    • Fixed Price Contracts and Cost Reimbursement Contracts
  • The Installation and Services GP Clause FAR 52.245-2
  • The Use & Charges Clause FAR 52.245-9
  • As Well as other clauses that IMPACT GP
    • Progress Payments Clause 52.232-16
    • Subcontracts Clause 52.244-2
  • The Material Management Accounting System
  • The Clausal Processes for Managing GP in the Possession of Contractors
    • Acquisition
    • Receiving
    • Identification
    • Records
    • Use
    • Physical Inventories
    • Subcontractor Control
    • Reports
    • And the other “EMBEDDED” Processes, e.g.,
      • Liability for Loss, Damage and Destruction of Government Property
  • Property Control/Management Systems – Procedures and Application/Compliance
  • Property Management Systems Audit and Self Assessment
  • Disposition and Plant Clearance Overview

Methods of Instruction

Lecture and discussion are the primary methods of instruction. This allows for the greatest personalization of the instructional materials based upon the needs of the requesting organization. To allow for this personalized instruction, the maximum size of each class is limited to thirty (30) students.


An extensive up-to-date text is used covering all of the regulatory information necessary for this course. The course sponsor will be sent the course texts in PDF format – ready for printing

Duration of Course

This course is four (4) days of classroom instruction. An average day consists of six (6) hours of classroom instruction and two (2) hours of homework assignments for the students and, as required, additional time will be spent in individualized consultations with the instructor.